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Art Prints

Welcome to the online Art Prints gallery for the Inner Mask  Kickstarter Campaign  On this page, you can preview all the designs available for the Set-of-3-Art-Prints in the Tiers, or as an Add-On. This is not directly to buy or select these items, but to see them so that you can write your choices on the Survey I'll be sending.


If you're a backer who has selected the Art Prints tier or add-on, you can use the reference below to choose which 3 prints you'd like. At the end of the campaign, I'll send out a survey to all the backers who chose "Art Prints" and you'll please use the reference below to tell me your choices.

Please keep in mind the Prints will be 5x7", therefore a little thinner than these, which are originally at approx 6x8"

Below you will find artworks included in the deck without borders and text. There are also some artworks below that are sketches, variations, or totally unpublished artworks that didn't end up being part of the final deck, as well as several different card back designs and "art card" designs. (The Kickstarter edition will include at least 4 Art Cards but here's a chance to get them larger at 5x7" if you desire).

If you're also getting Original Artworks from the campaign, you can also preview the available art in the Original Art gallery!

Every set of prints will come with a free exclusive hologram sticker (while supplies last)

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