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Starting October 2020 I'll be doing tarot and oracle readings at the rates listed below. First choose either paypal or venmo to complete the payment, and also send me an email at caliway -at- letting me know what session you'd like, and then I will send you the calendar where you can choose a time. Some specialty areas I focus on include readings for artists/creators, life path guidance, and questions around healing past harm, also known as shadow readings. I like to use zoom or google hangouts or whatsapp for the sessions so we can see each other, however if you don't have these apps or don't want to use video I can just call you. 


The prices below will increase after October.


• 30 minute tarot reading - $30

A quick tarot / oracle reading where we unravel any question you may have in your life. I also often involve crystal assistants for further guidance.

Pay with Paypal

Pay with Venmo (mobile only)

• 1 hour tarot reading - $50

A longer tarot/oracle reading where we go deeper into a question or situation you may have in your life. An hour leaves more room if you are dealing with larger or more complicated questions about life path, creative blocks, situations specific to artists, shadow work or a combination.

Pay with Paypal

Pay with Venmo (mobile only)

• 30 minute shadow reading - $30

A quick tarot / oracle reading which focuses somewhat more on interpreting and revealing the shadow. The shadow is past harm that continues to trouble or impact life, recurring traumatizing themes in life, and it also may include things about ourselves we're not consciously aware of. I usually involve the Inner Mask Oracle for this reading. 

Pay with Paypal

Pay with Venmo (mobile only)

• 1 hour shadow reading - $50

A longer tarot / oracle reading generally focused toward the shadow. I sometimes start with tarot and then use the Inner Mask Oracle for input, but sometimes I start with the Oracle. You can let me know at the start of the session whether there is a particular area that's been bothering you, a traumatic theme that's recurred multiple times, or if you're simply involved in spiritual growth and wanting to look at your shadow closer. 

Pay with Paypal

Pay with Venmo (mobile only)


"She does a wonderful job! She nailed my shadow reading this morning and helped me put some pieces of my shadow journey together. Thank you!"

-Kassandra D.

To get a general idea of my reading style, you can look at the collective reading I did here:

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