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KerBop is an angel/cat/person who loves blueberries and battles the forces of darkness.

Like most angels, she has to go to angel school for the first 4 billionish years of her life, and then she gets her very own solar system to defend.

The universe turns out to be more complicated, and the battle between good and evil more impactful, than she ever could have imagined.

KerBop the Angel is a comic I've been drawing since about 2013. Complete books about KerBop can be found on my Etsy Shop. You can read a lot of KerBop comics online for free on Tapastic. For more info, 

KerBop the Angel animation, a gif showing KerBop the Angel in the later time in her life after she's learned much and fought many battles against the Void creatures and has attained a great deal of grace and elegance
Filaments Book by Kathleen Kralowec, a comic book about KerBop the Angel available on Etsy
KerBop the Angel comic sample
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