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It all began when the Banana Battalion invaded another perfectly normal picnic. No one saw it coming. In a great splash of knives and seeds, the fruits and vegetables and even the sliced bread rose up to defend their lunch, their sacred space. It was no use, the bananas were of a caliber unseen in the annals of food, and soon dominated the meal.

That all changed at dinner. An upsurge of delicacies rose up to take back the table from the battalion that had laid siege earlier that day. A great mess was made, but in the end, the burritos and the bruschetta and even the borscht got the better of the bananas, who had become quite beaten-up by the day's exchange. But their honor and glory would not die easily.

As a last show of strength, and some of revenge, the battle bananas waged a final stand: a battle banquet, followed by a battle buffet in which all the deserts threw in their lives to the fray, uncertain what the outcome would be. When the smoke and the pastry flour cleared, there were the victors: the allies of the fruit salad would remain masters of the picnic lunch, and all would be peaceful once again... Or would it??

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